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The firm currently represents over 150 cooperative and condominium boards in buildings ranging in size from four units to 1,630 units. We work closely with boards, as trusted advisers, to address the myriad issues involved in the operation of these complex entities. We prepare and review contracts with contractors and architects/engineers for capital replacements or improvements work, with managing agents and commercial tenant leases. We provide counsel, based on our decades of experience, concerning the interpretation and implementation of governing documents (cooperative proprietary leases and by-laws; condominium declaration and by-laws).

The real estate and housing law practice provides a broad spectrum of legal services to our clients. We represent various businesses, real estate entities, developers, trade associations and individuals, and serve these clients in all types of simple and complex real estate transactions, including secured and unsecured loans, commercial and retail leasing, building sales and purchases, operating agreements and apartment and house purchases and sales.

Our general practice offers expertise in a wide array of corporate and commercial settings, as well as in individual legal and business matters. The firm is responsive to clients in all of their corporate, legal and business relationships, including the formation, negotiation, structuring, documentation and operation of business arrangements. Our client-sensitive, solution-driven approach develops close working relationships with clients and allows us to comprehensively address long-term legal and business goals.

The members of the litigation practice combine the skills of seasoned litigators with common-sense judgment aimed at resolving disputes favorably for clients through cost effective and comprehensive solutions. The firm's litigation work includes commercial and business litigation, real estate matters, landlord-tenant disputes, as well as public interest issues. Our attorneys handle both large and small cases, and practice in the Federal and State courts in New York, as well as before administrative agencies and arbitration panels.

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